Maurer United has moved its office and workspace to the laboratory department building of the Maastricht Jan van Eyck Academy. The new address is Academieplein 1, 6211 KM Maastricht, The Netherlands. Here, Maurer United is able to work closely with the range of laboratories affiliated to this post-academic art institute.

Current director of the institute, Lex ter Braak, has developed a new policy plan and asked Maurer United Architects to convert his vision into an architectural renovation and conversion plan for the academy building – initially designed by pioneering local architect Frits Peutz in 1958.

Marc and Nicole Maurer were offered the chance to set up their own studio at the Van Eyck, which could not be denied. They moved their office into the self-renovated complex with all its facilities – like wood and metal workshop, photo studio and darkroom, animation studio, silkscreen and offset printing.

At March 29th, 2013, many clients and visitors stopped by at the re-opening of the Van Eyck and Maurer United Architects office..

In 1948, the Jan van Eyck Academy was set up as a catholic counterpart of the non-denominational Rijksacademie (State Academy) in Amsterdam, founded in 1870. The institute’s main objectives were to further and expand art education in the broadest sense of the word.

The Maurer United Architects team, 2013!