The first real postal system is said to have been developed by the Persian emperor Cyrus the Great (c. 550 BC) after his conquest of Media. Today, media plays a central role in people’s life on a global scale. At Maurer United, we are in search for a new integration of media and architecture. Some references.

In cooperation with graffiti artists Delta (Boris Tellegen) and Zedz, Maurer United developed Graffiti Related Architecture. The designs of the urban interventions were never built, but game platforms helped to visualize the experience of walking through a 3D graffiti piece.

For Amsterdam Mediamatic, Maurer United developed the Colabar installation. Fifty brands of cola were available at the bar. Also, a game was developed that enables the player to act like a bubble in a glass of cola.

By assignment of the Pierre Cuypers Huis (Stedelijk Museum Roermond), Maurer United developed in cooperation with Richard Boeser an interactive art installation. Two players can add digital tiles to the walls and cross each other in the projected Cuypers_Digital game.

Maurer United developed the UM Alumniwall in cooperation with Richard Boeser. The Platonian shape is made of triangles, the three cornerpoints of every triangle are on-line connected to the database of all alumni of the Univeristy of Maastricht. A new way of scrolling.

Together with Geert Mul, Maurer United developed the permanent media installation Loading_Ready_Run at Rotterdam Las Palmas. Other projects with Geert Mul were realized at Eindhoven Baltan Laboratories.

Lately, Maurer United has also produced 3D building mapping projections, like this one at the Maastricht Main Guard Building.

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