The word design comes from the latin ‘designare’, related to the words ‘drawing’ and ‘marking’. Today design is concerned with the efficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to new products. Some references.

For the Local Recordshop in Maastricht Maurer United designed the interior. The ‘plus’ signs represent the idea of ‘sampling’ and form a construction for displaying vinyl records. The complete interior is based on this no-nonsense approach.

The Smartgirl Chair was designed as part of the ‘Purno De Purno’ exhibition at Rotterdam Showroom MAMA. For FRAME Magazine this chair with a ‘looping’ construction of steel was photographed by Yasumasa Yonehara.

The pilot shop interior for Art Gadgets in Eindhoven was completly designed in classic white and glossy red. The shop offers art and design products. Next to the interior Maurer United also developed the corporate design.

Maurer United designed a contemporary Infobox to present the Route Charlemagne Aachen Masterplan to the local citizens. Next to the architecture Maurer United also developed the interior, the interactive installations and the coorporate design.

Maurer United designed several skateboard facilities, always in close cooperation with the local skate community. Skateboard Streetcourt De Griend was placed on top of an underground parking garage, offering a beautiful view on the river Maas.

Maurer United designed the 500m2 Dutch Design Pavilion at the Chinese Design Week in Guangzhou. It refers to the design work of ‘de Stijl’ group from the Netherlands.

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