Architecture is the product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. It requires the creative manipulation and coordination of material, technology, light and shadow. Some references.

The Boerenwereldkeuken Restaurant is a mobile installation, providing room for 100 guests to enjoy a dinner made of local farming products, prepared by an ‘urban cook’. The restaurant can be set up in four hours. It toured all through the Netherlands visiting farms.

At Oolderveste, near Roermond, 36 single houses were realized. The floor plans are based on a life-circle program. Every house of the Thor-Balder-Odin sequence has a different floor plan and facade.

Above: The temporary Maastricht heroine distribution centre Mondriaan Sociale Zorg (MSZ) combines the advantages of a modular building system and strong architectural expression. This way of building is Maurer United’s approach in the field of sustainable design.

Above: The Coolhouse is situated right next to a highway. The budget villa was set up as two crossing volumes. The details were designed with a lot of care, resulting in luxurious simplicity.

Above: Maurer United designed a playground house that offers shelter (shop, bathroom and storage) at the ground floor and a platform on the roof. The contemporary Witch House allows parents to look after their kids on the playground from the top.

Above: The Indemann Watchtower offers a perfect view on a mining area in Germany. The steel tower has the shape of an enormous robot. Its facade carries 40.000 LED-lights that play uploaded animations during the night. A piece of ‘social media architecture’.

Above: At the Hong Kong / Shenzhen biennale for architecture and urban design Maurer United presented the Medular Pavilion. The idea was to mobilize the people to use the public space as a social space. The title of the temporary design refers to the words ‘medulla’ and ‘modular’.

Above: For the ‘Out of Storage’ exhibition at the Maastricht Timmerfabriek, Maurer United designed the Guesthouse Belvedere Pop-up Restaurant. The pavilion was made of construction beams only and hosted a temporary restaurant.

Above: In tradition of Dutch social housing projects, this building was made of brick stones mainly. The sculptural composition shows different brick patterns.The Brikbuster Block building hosts a medical center and 19 apartments, it links the existing seven floor apartment building blocks to the smaller scale houses in the neighborhood.

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