The first release of the newspaper ‘The Eutropolitan‘ was launched today at the TEDxEutropolis conference in Hasselt. Five years after the introduction of the Eutropolis, this issue is filled with new idea’s and initiatives that are based on the initial concept by Maurer United.

Nicole Maurer presented a compilation of some texts from the newspaper. “The tangible map of the London transport system was transformed into a mental ‘space’ reflecting the interregional culture of a non-existing city with nearly 4 million inhabitants. The Eutropolis was born. It is a brand that has no value if it is not shared.”

“With the print of this newspaper the inhabitants of the Eutropolis are declaring their utopia for real. [..] Become a local citizen and provide your share.” After this opening presentation at the conference, many other speakers – like Mattijs Maussen, Edial Dekker, Frank & Patrik Riklin, Jihyun Ryou and Kaspar Hamacher – held presentations around the main theme: “Ideas make borders fade”. A very inspiring day, let’s hope to see the conference continued next year at some other Eutropolitan station.