Maurer United works on projects in the field of urbanism, architecture, design and media. 3D video mapping projections fit into this range of interests and activities perfectly. Maurer United has used its 3D-skills and media experience to develop a specific production together with BVLimburg and Houben Media Group. The projection on the main guard building at the Maastricht Vrijthof shows the (military) history of the city. The premiere will be held at November 13th, 2011. The projections will take place every night for a whole week. The film production including soundtrack and visual effects is by Maurer United.

See the trailer below.

Together with P-en-M architecture and urbanism, Maurer United has set up a research project for the atelier sessions at the Biënnale Leegstand en Herbestemming 2011. With a group of 15 (local and international) specialists from different fields new concepts are being developed.

The research group focusses on potential (temporary) interventions, that can be realized between now and 2016, within or next to the enourmous building site of the Maastricht A2 tunnel that will being realized during that time period. These interventions should vitalize the neighbourhouds around the A2 highway track and help deliver the foundation for future plans in this area.

The images show the group working on the project on day 1.

The area around the A2 highway in Maastricht surprises by the huge amount of potential solutions.

The group works on creating new values.