The exhibition entitled RE-Action! is the result of a collaboration between NAiM/Bureau Europa and REcentre and showed several (citizens’) initiatives that connected sustainability to social innovation. The exhibition will be transformed into two new projects which will further examine and develop themes like sustainability and social participation, entitled Common Grounds.

First of all, NAiM/Bureau Europa will present an exhibition (installation designed by Maurer United) which will encompass various bottom-up initiatives which concentrate on the reuse of vacant lots. Both the historical background of these grassroots initiatives wit current ground politics will be analyzed. Furthermore, a symposium will be organized in the beginning of 2012, questioning which lessons could be learned from the complex practice of social participatory projects and temporal use.

Secondly, the project ‘Landscape in Perspective’, REcentre and NAiM/Bureau Europa will further investigate these issues in realizing a temporary park on the Maastricht Sphinx premises. This park will address issues of vacancy and temporal use but also offers an opportunity to question the role and performance of the public park in contemporary society.

More info to come..