Richard Boeser has put some of our coop projects on youtube … check it out.

For the 1:1 – ARCHITECTS BUILD SMALL SPACES EXHIBITION exhibition the London Victoria & Albert Museum invited nineteen architects to submit concept designs. Responding to specific locations in the Museum, the architects explored themes such as study, work, play, performance and contemplation. The models and presentation panels for all nineteen submissions are on display at the V&A gallery from june 15th until august 30th 2010. MUA submitted the model of a ‘friendly wooden robot’ seated in the corner of the V&A’s John Madejski Garden, this building would invite children to investigate and explore various internal spaces for play and contemplation. The project title is a witty reference to the ‘International Style’, a strand of early 20th-century Modernism that is celebrated in this building’s rejection of ornamentation and its exclusive use of right angles.

The Indemann watchtower project won the “Society for Environmental Graphic Design” Merit Award. SEGD is a global community of people working at the intersection of communication design and the built environment. The prize was presented at june 5th 2010 in Washington DC. Check here for more information.


At BALTAN Laboratories MUA initiates different research projects in the cross-over field of architecture and media technology. Over the last weeks Fontys Hogeschool Art & Technology students worked on an assignement by MUA related to the Dutch ‘De Stijl’ movement, with impressive contemporary results. Go here for more information about the project.

ARCAM, Ontfront (Liza Koifman & Tomas Overtoom) and V2A architectuur & stedebouw (Wouter Valkenier) have challenged four duos – each comprising a fashion designer and an architect who have teamed up specially for the occasion – to enter into a design process. The results will be on show at ARCAM this summer. The opening (entry by invitation only) will take place on Friday 16 July at 17.15 in and around the architecturally stunning ARCAM building on Oosterdok.

The teams consist of: Iris van Herpen & Jan Benthem and Mels Crouwel (Benthem Crouwel Architekten), Mattijs van Bergen (MATTIJS) & Anouk Vogel (Anouk Vogel landscape architecture), Farida Sedoc (Hosselaer) & Nicole and Marc Maurer (Maurer United Architects), Kentroy Yearwood (Intoxica) & Jeroen Bergsma (2012Architecten).

Although there are frequent crossovers between fashion and architecture and other disciplines, the collaboration between fashion designers and architects is still at an early stage. Which is surprising considering they have so much common ground. Mutually inspired, the designers cut through the dogmas of their own discipline, make a design statement and allow the visitor an insight into the creative process. What does this confrontation produce and is there a ‘click’ or a clash?

Looking back in the archives we found a nice japanese article (2004) about our past projects. It’s Playtime!

Marc Maurer gave a lecture about ‘De Geboeide Ontwerper’ at Eindhoven Cheops in the Designhouse. Other speakers were Herman Zeinsta (DOK architecten), Ger Rosier (BIC architects) and Romano van Hoorn (3W). The whole session was recorded by CityTV, check the streams.